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We invite you to look at examples of our custom work, from the initial design to the completed piece of jewelry.

Platinum and Diamond Ring

1. Take your scrap platinum pieces


2. Wax model of the new ring


3. The cast ring in platinum


4. The completed platinum and diamond ring


14kt Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds

1. The original 14kt white gold ring


2. The new improved wax model and the old ring


3. The new cast 14kt yellow gold ring with diamonds


18kt Rose Gold Ring with Peach Sapphire

1. Wax model for 18kt rose gold ring


2. Cast 18kt rose gold ring mounting


3. Completed 18kt rose gold ring with peach sapphire


18kt White Gold Ring with Aquamarine and Diamonds

1. Wax model with aquamarine


2. Finished 18kt white gold with Aquamarine and Diamonds